The Financial Management Programme

Cilbenrick's Financial Management Programme is a step-by-step process designed to help you manage your financial affairs. The programme consists of up to five individual modules, each of which addresses a different area of your financial planning. The outcome of the programme is a financial plan that protects and enhances your wealth and helps you to achieve your desired lifestyle.

Using sophisticated technology, we will build a computer model of your affairs, populated with details of your income, expenditure, assets & liabilities. By then discussing with you how you would like things to be, we can test your resources to see if they are sufficient enough and robust enough to enable you to live the way you have described, not only in your good health but also under a range of catastrophe scenarios. Possibly for the first time, we can show you exactly what is possible in a way that is easy to understand and leaves you re-assured and confident about your financial future.

Risk Management


The cornerstone of your financial plan is your lifelong cash flow forecast which illustrates how your wealth is projected to fluctuate over time. Through computer modelling we can test the impact of a range of catastrophe scenarios (ill health, premature death, redundancy, early retirement) on your cash flow forecast to see the effects that they have and whether or not you will be able to maintain your desired lifestyle under such circumstances.

Asset Management


For many people, a strong and successful investment portfolio is vital to the achievement of their desired lifestyle. Cilbenrick design and manage portfolios which provide the opportunity for long-term growth, through investment in a diverse range of asset types.

Retirement Planning


Your lifelong cash flow forecast illustrates how your wealth is projected to fluctuate through your retirement. We advise you on the most suitable and efficient retirement funding options, such as pensions, investments and property.

Estate Planning


We will look at the composition of your estate, discuss any inheritance tax liabilities with you and how these may be minimised or erased through the use of wills, trusts and tax planning strategies. Central to any proposals will be the reservation of adequate resources to ensure you have sufficient means to live well and afford the cost of care should the need arise.

Business Planning


Many of our clients are owners of small to medium sized businesses. We offer innovative and constructive advice in the areas of tax, remuneration, investment, pensions and protection.

Financial Management Programme