Investment Advice

We understand that investment gains and losses equate, in reality, to our clients' standards of living; the stability of their retirements; and their ability to provide for their families as they would hope to do so. Our investment philosophy, and the methods that we apply, have therefore been given very careful consideration and are based on sound investment principles with portfolios reviewed regularly to ensure that they fulfil our clients' expectations.

  • Cilbenrick Risk Profiling Risk Profiling. We will assess your capacity for loss, investment time horizon, attitudes to risk and your knowledge & experience of investing, to ensure that our investment advice is appropriate.
  • Cilbenrick Asset Allocation Asset Allocation. The most important factor in the performance of a portfolio is its asset allocation - the proportions held in particular asset types. This accounts for over 90% of the portfolio's performance, making it ten times more important than market timing and stock-picking combined. This assumption forms the basis of 'Modern Portfolio Theory', the Nobel prize-winning concept that has, over the past half a century, provided stability and proven the importance of investment diversification.
  • Cilbenrick Investment Selection Investment Selection. We outsource the individual stock selection to fund managers who specialise in their sector. We conduct regular and thorough analysis of the funds available within each sector to identify those which consistently deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.
  • Cilbenrick Profiling Reviews. Profiling Reviews. We regularly review our clients' portfolios to ensure that they remain appropriate to their investment objectives and will then bring about any changes which, together, we deem necessary.